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Monday, January 24, 2011

Brown Eyed Girls' Profile

Brown Eyed Girls
The Brown Eyed Girls (or B.E.G.) (브라운 아이드 걸스) is a South Korean girl group managed by NegaNetwork (내가네트워크). The group consists of four members: JeA, Narsha, Ga-In and Miryo. Since debuting in 2006, the group has risen to popularity through a number of hit singles, beginning with 2008’s L.O.V.E, but it wasn’t until their 2009 breakout single, “Abracadabra” that their name was established in the Korean music scene.
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Brown Eyed Girls' Discography

Studio albums

2006 : Your Story
2007 : Leave Ms. Kim
2009 : Sound G.

Mini albums

2008 : With Love
2008 : My Style


2009: "Abracadabra"
2009: "Sign"

2011: "Sixth Sense"

Brown Eyed Girls' Member Profiles


Birth name: Kim Hyo Jin (김효진)
Birthday: September 18, 1981
Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist
Extra : 
- She has released two digital solo singles.
Preparing for her solo debut in the later half of 2011.


Birth name: Jo Mi Hye (조미혜)
Birthday: November 2, 1981
Position: Rapper
Extra : 
-Also preparing for her solo debut in the later half of 2011.


Birth name: Park Hyo Jin (박효진)
Birthday: December 28, 1981
Position: Main Vocalist
Extra : 
- Debuted as a solo artist with her mini-album Narsha released on July 7, 2010.


Birth name: Son Ga In (손가인)
Birthday: September 20, 1987
Position: Vocalist
Extra : 

- Debuted as a solo artist with her mini-album step 2/4 released on October 8, 2010.
Known as : Adam Couple [with Jo Kwon (2AM) in We Got Married]

Brown Eyed Girls' Pictures


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